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What is The Lovetarian Way Movement All About?

It is All about YOU 🌟

You and only you, who expresses Your Unique Light through YOU for you, so that You can co-create Your Heaven on Earth Reality.
And you shall co-create it by choosing to stand in your Sovereign Power and loving yourself unconditionally, absolutely, completely, unapologetically, authentically! 

Feel through the word - UNconditionally, 100% unconditionally 💖
It doesn't matter what has happened to you, know it happened - FOR you...
All the pain & suffering, all trials & tribulations, all the blessings in disguise, all the darkness, the shadows you've encountered.
All of it carried a gift For YOU...

✨ You have gone through it to grow, to evolve, to learn and NOW is the moment you can choose to Stand in your divinely given Sovereign Power, divinely given Free Will, your electro-magnetic, atomic power:)

And you get to CHOOSE how you express Your unique MagicK - The Lovetarian Way!

The Movement is All about You taking a quantum, inner journey into your Sacred Heart to remember YOUR True Self, Your Higher Self, Your Light.

It is about UN-learning all that you think you know, all that has been imprinted and programmed into you in this lifetime and beyond….

The Movement is about You choosing to let all that suffering go, draw wisdom from it and grasp that you were created as a Sovereign, holographic Being of Divine to have an awesome experience of Your Heaven on Earth - whatever it means to You.
And The Lovetarian Way is a path which points you in that direction…

💖 Through the portal of your heart…

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The 4 Pillars of The Lovetarian Way

The Four Pillars

The 4 Pillars

✨ The Pillars are the guidance downloaded from My Higher Self, my guides, Masters of Light, My Light Family.
They are grounded and based on Unconditional self love, compassion, forgiveness. This guidance helps us co-create Heaven on Earth Realities.

✨ Once we "enter" the Temple of our Being through the Portal of our Sacred Heart, we step on the Quantum, Inner Bridge - The Lovetarian Way into our True Self.

✨ The Lovetarian Way guides Souls ascending from 3D - fear based matrix into 5D Heaven on Earth Realities, it is a quantum, inner pathway into Your True Self - to awaken, to remember who You truly ARE - a Divine, Multidimensional Being having a Human Experience.

✨ Once you start to awaken & remember your true nature, your begin to ascend by em-bodying the nature of your Source - Unconditional Love more and more, forever growing & evolving.

✨ The 4 Pillars of the Lovetarian Way assist us on that quantum journey, happening within our beautiful Body Temples, represented on the Lovetarian Way logo by a butterfly on its evolutionary journey.

Enlightened Masters guided us: 
✨ "The Kingdom of Heaven in Within You", "Be the Change".

Let's listen and tune in...

The 4 Pillars are:

✨ Pillar 1
- Accept 100% Responsibility for your life

✨ Pillar 2
- We are One - Embrace The Golden Rule
- "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

✨ Pillar 3
- Live as though everything is a Miracle - Embrace Gratitude

✨ Pillar 4 
- Embrace The Lovetarian Nourishment
for Your Body, Mind, Soul...

The Lovetarian Podcast

The Lovetarian Way Podcast contributes to:

🌟 The Elevation of Humanity’s Consciousness - to Embrace its Sovereignty, Unconditional Love & Co-create Heaven on Earth Realities where All Beings Thrive & Prosper, Living their Unique MagicK…
🌟 We interview amazing Enlightened Teachers, Transformation Leaders, Healers, Inspirational Coaches & Mentors, Holistic Practitioners, Business Owners, Authors & Other MagicKal Creatrices & Creators of Heaven on Earth Realities.

🌟 We birth Win Win Win Solutions by embodying The Lovetarian Way.

💖 From My Heart to Yours

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