SOPHIA CIRCLE JOURNEYS® with “The Sophia Code”
SOPHIA CIRCLE JOURNEYS® with “The Sophia Code”

Welcome to the Journey of Awakening Your Divine Genome, to exploring Your Highest Potential

Thank you for answering the call within you to go on a journey of deep transformation and healing.

The Sophia Circle Journey® with “The Sophia Code® - a living transmission from The Dragon Tribe” has been channeled by Kaia Ra directly from The Source.

It is a true love letter to humanity from our Divine Source.
It guides us in deepening and nourishing our connection with Our Higher Selves, Ascended Master Mentors, and the Source of All that is.

We call that Source - the Divine Mother Creatrix of All life in “The Sophia Code”.

The Sophia Code Book

It is a Mystery School for modern times, at this dawning of the Golden Age of Miracles and the evolution of Humanity’s consciousness.

It is assisting us in freeing ourselves from limiting belief systems which cause world-wide suffering.

Sophia - the Divine Mother & The Ascended Masters speak to us and guide us to the truth of our Divinity.

They help us claim our Sovereignty and liberate ourselves from all fears, so that we and all Beings, who choose - can thrive & prosper.

Whatever you call this ever-expanding, unconditionally loving presence - God, Infinite Field, Divine Matrix, Divine Father - all names are welcome, it is a Divine Source of All there is. 

It dwells within you, within us all and all around us, living in and through us to support and love us on our journey of remembering our Divine nature.

We were given a free will to choose to awaken the divine genome within us - the crystalline Divine consciousness which lies dormant within each person.

All we need to do is choose to do so and commit to the process.

On your quest through The Sophia Code Circle Journey® you will remember your true, Divine nature.

You will enhance and fine-tune your connection with it, so that you can transform and co-create your best life in communion with Source, Your Higher Self and the Light Masters.

With each Circle your awareness will deepen, and you will be able to identify what’s been stopping you from experiencing your highest potential.

You will get to experience what it feels like to be unconditionally loved by that Source, your Higher self and the Ascended Masters.

By participating in this journey your life will change and you will set yourself on a course to your most magicKal life experience.

NataliaPHLovetarian & The Sophia Code®

Allow me to tell you how I met Sophia and the Dragon Tribe of The Divine Feminine Ascended Masters & how to go on a deep, inner journey through The 13 Sophia Circles with us...

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Sophia and the Dragon Tribe

Here is how The Sophia Dragon Tribe announced their arrival into my life in July 2020.

Please watch my video above to hear the story.

The Sophia Code Journey® includes a total of 13 circles in which we walk through every chapter of The Sophia Code® together.

On this journey through The Sophia Code®, you will activate your divine genome and begin the process of embodying your Higher Self.

You will also establish important mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters through The Sophia Code® teachings.

You will be initiated into how to receive greater self-love, self-compassion, and you may even discover your divine purpose.

As a facilitator, it’s important to me that you can attend all ( 13 ) Sophia Circles because each chapter of the Sophia Code® builds upon the following chapter.

There are important growth circles that happen through the continuity of the Sophia Circle Journey®.

Please understand that if you are committing to this journey, you are committing to attending ALL gatherings with the exception of illness or an emergency.

It’s also important to understand there is NO recording allowed during our Circles.

It is a sacred space and if you miss an online Sophia Circle, it can’t be made up.

Our journey begins in:


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The journey will last for 13 Consecutive Weeks

We will meet on ZOOM, each Circle will last 90 minutes.

It is a life-changing experience that will stimulate growth of every aspect of your life. 

It is important to understand that this is NOT a therapeutic container. 

The Sophia Code® inspires our greatest potential and teaches us how to be empowered through the collective resonance of the Sophia Christ consciousness.

You may become aware of unconsciously held wounding throughout this journey.

It will be important that you have a system of support such as loved ones to talk to, and/or a coach/mentor/counselor to speak to.

You are very welcome to reach out to me, to mentor & counsel outside of the container of the Sophia Code Journey®.
I am parallelly building The Lovetarian Way Movement where 
I guide & counsel awakening Souls.

It is requested by the Ascended Masters that we schedule a 15 - 30 minutes interview to discover the alignment between us.

Please schedule your call as soon as possible, we begin soon and we will only accept 11 Initiates for a journey.

It is a curated experience and the resonance between us is paramount. Thank you so much for your willingness to go on that journey with me.

I am looking forward to our call.

Our Journey Begins in:


It is Safe to Be A Living Angel on Earth


with “The Sophia Code”®



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