About The Lovetarian Way Movement

Allow me to share what the Lovetarian Way Movement is about & how you can co-create  Heaven on Earth Realities by joining your Light Force with Ours!
Please tune into the video below:)


Would you like to embrace Your MagicK and truly manifest Your Heaven on Earth together with me and other fellow Lovetarians?

I would love to work you with and help guide you and other heart minded and like minded people so that…

We can ALL stand in our SOVEREIGN power to live our most amazing MagicK, cooperating, shining our light and LIGHTING UP the WORLD.

Remember what John Lennon wrote: 

“It matters not who you love, where you love, 

why you love, when you love or how you love, 

it matters only that you love”

Lennon felt it, as did Jesus, as did Ghandi, as did Buddha, as did Martin Luther King Jr., as did many, many, countless others…

And...the best part is, NOBODY needs to die or get shot anymore in the name of love, the chances of us getting killed for Embodying Love are slim to none….

So, Dare to Embody Love, Dare to Shine Your Light my Beautiful Friend:)

There need NOT to be hate, there need NOT to competition, there need NOT to be atrocities and horrible things we do to each other, Mother Earth and her animal children. 


All of that is the thing of the past, the 3D mentality is really way overdue and we are way, way, way on our way to transcend it and step into 5D, the Golden Age of Miracles, Heaven on Earth…


I’m building THE LOVETARIAN WAY MOVEMENT, one beautiful soul at the time and there are gazillions of my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters who are already on their way of doing it so well in all corners of the world!:) 

I AM so privileged and honored to be initiating with a lot of them in the Mystery School with
"The Sophia Code and I’m thrilled to be working with the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters of the Dragon Tribe & Kaia Ra, my guides, ancestors, many Masters in Light!

What joy & thrill.
Huge thanks to those and other beautiful souls who are Embodying Unconditional Self Love & Love for All all over the world:)

Breaking the matrix of the DARKIES from within:)The Lovetarian Way and the movement is my little contribution. 

My big prayer is that it will grow and spread like wild fire of Love & Light and Enlighten our world from within more and more and more…

Ok, Beautiful!

Without further ado, if you resonate with all said here and with me:)

I want to invite you to join:

The Lovetarian Way Group

The Lovetarian Way FREE Facebook Group and we will work together to awaken to Our Divinity & Light up the world from within…

There are no leaders, no gurus, we are our own Leaders, Brothers & Sisters coming from the Unconditional Love of the Divine Mother and Father and if each of us takes 100% responsibility for our lives, stand in our Sovereign, Divinely given power…

Wow....Heaven on Earth is upon us:)

We will practise, we will work consciously on CHOOSING what we want to experience and co-create THE OPPOSITE of the poop and suffering that still lives on planet Earth...

How does it sound to You?
Are you inspired to join forces with us?

I also made a lovely meditation for you as a welcome gift, once you join, send me a message via the group and we will send it right to your mailbox!

It’s called “Heaven on Earth” meditation.

It has such beautiful music composed by a dear friend of mine, Theo Newton, also known as Torben Thoger, a Danish composer, music producer and a filmmaker.

Hope to see you there!


This movement has so much to offer, please check the OFFERINGS section to tune into all of the offerings, there are so many and more are being created every week!

To sum it up for you, you have:

The Lovetarian Way PODCAST

The Lovetarian Podcast

 - Empowering, inspirational chats with awesome Lovetarian Teachers, Guides, Authors, Englightened Business Owners, Healers, Mediums, and sooooo many more magicKal Creators & Creatrices contributing to the elevation of Humanity's consciousness!

Click HERE to Watch it

The Lovetarian Way SHOW on SPTVuk

The Lovetarian Way Show on SPTVuk

- A whole array of tools, techniques, downloads and fabulous channeling from my Heart to Yours, from my guides & ancestors, Masters of Light!

Click HERE to Watch it

And so much more coming every single week!

The Lovetarian Way Offerings

And of course make sure to...

The Lovetarian Way

With so Much Love & Light
From My Heart to Yours
The Creatrix of The Lovetarian Way Movement
Master Guide on the Lovetarian Way

~ I Love You ~