Interview with NataliaPHLovetarian

Welcome to Episode 6 of Conextion Digital Podcast Interviews. Today we shall get to know Natalia Przybylska-Hansson
(Natalia PH) — A Spiritual Guide, Creatrix of The Lovetarian Way Movement, Podcast host, Speaker, Presenter, Researcher and a passionate whole foods plant based lover.

Natalia shares her insights and inspiration through social media, The Lovetarian Way Podcast and programs. She has also been working on the first, foundational book for The Lovetarian Way and building The Lovetarian Way Movement via her FREE Facebook Group - The Lovetarian Way.

She is a partner & counselor in Win Win Win Marketing ( recently evolved into Win Win Win Solutions - publishing company ), where she works together with her husband Joakim.

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Youtube Channel: The Lovetarian Way

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