Discovering How To Develop Intuition with Colin Lewis – Shaman, Psychic & Astrologist

Discover how to Develop Your Intuition with our Guest - Colin Lewis - Shaman, Psychic & Astrologist


0:00 - Intro

1:35 - Mission of The Lovetarian Way Movement

2:10 - Discussion about developing intuition and Colin Lewis's journey becoming intuitive

6:50 - Plant medicine - What is it & why is it useful?

8:16 - The history of plant medicine and people's perception of psychedelic medicine

10:20 - The use of plants in developing intuition

15:43 - How Colin Lewis’s path led to developing intuition

25:58 - The Eyes of intuition and different techniques

30:42 - How to get started with intuition journey

36:00 - Q&A - I see visuals when I trip on mushrooms; what do they mean?

45:20 - Why people took advantage of Edgar Cayce - Medical medium

48:00 - How to identify your challenges as a wounded healer and overcome victim mentality

52:30 - How fear makes you less intuitive

55:48 - Ways to develop a greater sense of intuition

58:50 - Body tracing distance reiki for healing

1:01:17 - Overcoming fear by moving energies within yourself

1:10:38 - The importance of tuning into inner knowing

1:15:15 - Balancing your chakras in working with intuition

1:17:27 - How to begin developing Intuition, tips from Colin Lewis

1:18:54 - What Colin Lewis offers on his website

1:20:28 - NataliaPH invites you to the first online course of The Lovetarian Way Movement

The Lovetarian Way PODCAST - Episode 19 with our guest is a Shaman, Astrologist, Psychic, Teacher with decades of experience on how to tune into your inner knowing, working with Earth & Moon Cycles & psychedelics.

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