Spiritual Currency – Exploring Life’s Capital || The Origin Of Spiritual Currency – Karren Brooks

🎙️ Spiritual Currency - Exploring Life’s Capital || The Origin Of Spiritual Currency - Karren Brooks 

⌚ Timestamps:

0:00 - Intro

1:00 - What is the origin of spiritual currency?

13:56 - Karren Brooks`s experience in a case study.

18:18 - How do energy, discerning, and intention play a role in decision-making?

22:29 - Discover your authentic self with Karren Brooks`s guidance.

29:00 - How our subconscious influences our actions.

39:12 - The Treasures viewers are able to discover in Karren Brook's book?

41:27 - Q&A - Can spiritual currency help with feelings of overwhelm in everyday life?

43:37 - How can we get a copy of Karren Brooks`s book?

47:28 - Q&A - how to be yourself with a lot of family pressure and their expectations?

51:29 - Q&A - I'm afraid to succeed and I don't know why, any advice on how to find out what's behind it?

55:40 - Final words from our guest Karen Brooks

🎙The Lovetarian Way PODCAST - Episode 36 with our guest - Karren Brooks - Author, Mentor, Confidante Karren is a mentor of mental agility with a passion for the realm of creative and human consciousness.

She understands and analyses the relationship between emotional and mental performance, important to attaining success and happiness, employing the latest Neuroscientific methodologies. 

Our guest studied at the Cass Business School, now the Bayes Business School. She is trained in Advanced Behavioral Sciences & Perception Training, Cognitive Science and Aikido.

She is known for her provocative interviews, insightful blogs, and has recently published her first book: “Spiritual Currency Life’s Capital”. Let’s hear from Karren about exploring life’s capital! 

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