The Lovetarian Way PODCAST – Episode 2 with Tamsin German – a Natural Healer, Psychic Medium…

Experience the Power of Crystals & Find out how they can Assist in Your Awakening! || Episode 2 with Tamsin German - a Natural Healer, Psychic Medium

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 - Intro
1:03 - A description of Tamsin German's third book
2:33 - Why are our bodies affected by energy
4:44 - The importance of focusing your thoughts
7:02 - How to raise your frequency
8:36 - Why can't we fake positivity
11:38 - What does Tamsin German think of our "demons"
13:04 - Q&A - Can I get a massage from a loved one who passed on
19:31 - The mission of The Lovetarian Way
23:23 - The concept of attraction versus reflection
25:10 - What does "WE ARE ONE" mean to Tamsin German?
27:29 - How to develop your psychic abilities?
29:46 - When your shoulder hurts, does it mean anything?
33:04 - Tamsin German's advice on tools that we can use
34:40 - Crystals: What are they and what are they made of?
36:11 - Details about "Rose quartz" and how it can help us
47:16 - Do we co-create awful experiences in life
51:34 - Can we create heaven on earth experience in one lifetime
1:02:10 - Tamsin German list of three tangible steps to being the best Lovetarian you can be
1:05:13 - How could various cards help us
1:07:02 - How could people work with Tamsin German

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Our returning guest Tamsin German is a natural healer and psychic medium, she has spent many years working with natural forces assisting others in understanding and healing themselves.
She has studied many different forms of healing- Massage, Herbalism, Reiki, Emotion Code healing, Sacred touch healing, Crystal healing, Shamanism, Aura Soma and Wiccan.

All these different paths gave Tamsin the awareness to write two healing books on chakra balancing and crystals
(the third one is in the works).

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