Dealing with Emotions to Liberate yourself from Suffering || Building positive neural pathways

πŸŽ™οΈDealing with Emotions to Liberate yourself from Suffering || Building positive neural pathways || The Lovetarian Way

⌚ Timestamps: 

0:00 - Intro

4:28 - How Deborah Jane Sutton became an energy reader

7:45 - How would Deborah Jane Sutton encourage people to face their fears?

14:01 - How can we align with emotions to create positive, neural pathways in our being?

19:01 - What is Deborah Jane Sutton's perspective on intentions

22:54 - Deborah Jane Sutton's three top tools for dealing with emotions

31:45 - A discussion on Buddha’s wisdom: "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

35:45 - Importance of believing that everything happens for your evolution

41:46 - Deborah Jane Sutton's advice for people ready to liberate themselves from suffering

46:57 - The importance of tapping to Liberate yourself from suffering 

54:09 - How can people work with Deborah Jane Sutton Enjoyed this episode? Like it and subscribe to the channel for more

πŸŽ™The Lovetarian Way PODCAST - Episode 40 with our guest speaker - Deborah Jane Sutton - Intuitive Energy Reader, Author & Mentor

🌟 Deborah is a highly intuitive Energy Reader and Mentor who is passionate about helping you raise your frequency and sharing the simplicity of Self-Healing techniques.

As an Emotion and Body Code Practitioner, a Soul Realignment Practitioner, a PSYCH K facilitator, Yoga Therapist and inspired by The Work of Byron Katie, Deborah uses a combination of her skills, knowledge, intuition and experience to help you raise your vibration, expand your level of consciousness and Heal yourself to greater Health and Happiness.

The author of two #1 Best Sellers in Energy Healing on Amazon; β€œHeal yourself to Happiness” and β€œHeal your Soul”, she has both the knowledge and experience to help you learn and apply effective healing techniques and perceptions to all areas of your life.

Her purpose is to help others on their ascension journey, to understand their own energy and the power within themselves. Deborah exudes love and compassion for all those who genuinely seek awareness, healing, abundance and expansion. Let’s find out how she can assist us in dealing with emotions to liberate ourselves from suffering.

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