The Lovetarian Way PODCAST – Episode 1 with Rubina Morton – Advanced Reflexology Practitioner

🎙 The Lovetarian Way PODCAST - Episode 1 || Advanced Reflexology Practitioner - Rubina Morton

⌚ Timestamps

0:00 - Intro

1:18 - The vision and mission of The Lovetarian Way

5:45 - The four pillars of The Lovetarian Way

7:50 - How Rubina Morton became interested in Advanced Reflexology and How She Can Help

25:41 - The best way to release ourselves from fear

31:57 - The importance of nourishing yourself in order to calm down33:58 - How to locate lung meridian points

34:50 - Q&A - Can Rubina Morton suggest a treatment, something that can be done before going to bed

37:25 - Q&A - Can you work on your hands and feet for Rheumatoid arthritis

40:54 - Q&A - What you can do if you have back and knee issues

47:32 - How to heal sexual trauma

52:28 - How can one contact Rubina Morton and work with her

We speak to Rubina Morton - an Advanced Reflexology Practitioner.
She shares her wisdom and gives us tips on how Reflexology can help us live fearlessly and embody
The Lovetarian Way & the 4 Pillars 

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