The Lovetarian Way PODCAST Episode 7 with Jill Harrison – Top Trance-Channel for the Angelic Realm

πŸŽ™οΈThe Lovetarian Way PODCAST Episode 7 with Jill Harrison - Top Trance- Channel For the Angelic Realm, Transformation Leader, Spiritual Teacher & Coach


0:00 - Intro
1:56 - How Jill Harrison started working with Spirit
7:53 - Can a human be an angel?
9:41 - What is the difference between the dark and light angels?
12:35 - Why do we need to align our vibration for peace
16:40 - Q&A- Do any particular angels leave red feathers?
19:48 - Recitation of the journal written by Jill Harrison
23:56 - Q&A - What convinced your late husband to give up his atheism?
26:47 - Q&A - Angelic world sounds like a Fairytale, can you explain it please.
30:21 - Q&A - Metatrone - where did that name come from?
31:16 - Q&A - Do we know for sure aliens exist?
39:39 - Do angels sometimes speak hard truths to us?
40:58 - Details about β€œWhatever your mind can conceive you can achieve”
45:41 - Do we manifest a new reality everyday?
47:10 - The advice of Jill Harrison for those with deep wounds
51:31 - What we could do to stop allowing our dark thoughts to control us
57:56 - Q&A - What are the differences between Ascended Masters and angels
1:01:00 - The importance of accepting pain and letting it go
1:07:53 - How to get in touch with Jill Harrison

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