The Lovetarian Way PODCAST – Episode 3 with Jill Harrison – Top Trance-Channel

πŸŽ™οΈThe Lovetarian Way Podcast - Episode 3 with Jill Harrison - Top Trance- Channel For the Angelic Realm, Transformation Leader, Spiritual Teacher & Coach

⌚ Timestamps:
0:00 - Intro
1:51 - An overview of the Lovetarian Way movement
6:06 - The importance of taking control of your Energies and going with the flow
14:20 - What is the main purpose of lightworkers
18:34 - How you can get a copy of Jill Harrison's book
22:05 - How Jill's work contributes to the elevation of humanity's consciousness
31:50 - Hell and heaven outside of us or are they within us?
35:05 - The importance of taking responsibility for being the best You can be
42:06 - How to align your thoughts, actions and feelings
48:15 - Does spirit deceive us or do we deceive ourselves, how can spirit help us
53:53 - Is red wine beneficial for you:)?
55:55 - Why has our food completely changed from how it used to be
58:29 - The importance of integrating the dark side
1:03:07 - Why it is important to make good food choices and eat well
1:07:29 - The importance of Being at peace with who you are
1:11:39 - The Meaning of 333 || The holy trinity
1:13:19 - How can people find Angel Messenger - Jill Harrison

βœ… Get in touch with Jill Harrison via:

Jill’s body of work spans over 25 years and includes 86 published audio guided meditation CDs and seven books.
She is a regular presenter of spiritual classes in Tokyo, Japan, as well as a columnist in the USA, for Sedona Journal of Emergence.
Jill runs online and in-person classes around the world. She embodies a down-to-earth approach in her messages and teaching style. Jill is known as the psychic-spirit channel who tells you what you β€˜need’ to hear, rather than what you want to hear.
She believes in complete truth and transparency and as a spiritual teacher and keynote speaker, she uses humour and truth to deliver consistent messages of finding your authentic self and on being at peace with yourself, others and the world. 

There’s no better arena in which to experience Jill’s dynamic presence as a teacher and spiritual guide than in one of her regular classes, social media posts and online development courses where her mission in life is to inspire and teach people to go beyond excellence, and be outstanding at what they do!

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From my heart to yours
πŸ™ Namaste
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