Restore and Enhance Your Health Naturally || What Diseases Can Be Cured By Chlorine Dioxide

🎊 Restore and Enhance Your Health Naturally || What Diseases Can Be Cured By Chlorine Dioxide

⌚ Timestamps -

0:00 - Intro

0:40 - The Impact Of Global Awareness On Our Health

1:42 - Tobias Laube's Background & What Drew Him To Naturopathy

8:31 - How Is Naturopathic Medicine Different From Conventional Medicine

11:24 - How Do Pharmaceuticals Work? Are doctors Identifying the Root Cause Of Illness?

13:55 - How Toxins Are Overloading Us Present Days And Their Effects On Our Bodies

16:09 - The First Step Of Restoring Our Health Naturally

22:05 - The Importance Of Detoxification

23:37 - Some Example Of How Tobias Laube Helped People Restore Their Health

33:12 - Chlorine Dioxide Heals. How Does It Work?

37:38 - What Diseases Can Be Cured By Chlorine Dioxide

43:20 - Another Example Of How Tobias Laube Has Helped To Heal With Chlorine Dioxide

52:35 - Three Tips From Tobias Laube For People To Restore And Enhance Their Health The Lovetarian Way PODCAST - Episode 33 with our guest - Tobias Laube - Naturopath, Health Advocate

Our guest started his career in Holistic Medicine in 2008 after reading a book about a natural remedy curing Malaria.

Since this book and the incredible revelations, he began investigating and learning about Holistic Natural Health. 

Over the years he studied Naturopathy, Reflexology, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, dietary planning, advanced testing, infectious and chronic diseases, therapeutic dietary supplementation, cancer & COVID.

His focus has always been on discovering what could free people from disease or health issues.

In 13 years of his international practice, Tobias has seen first-hand hundreds of people regain their health very quickly without side effects, including both of his parents. 

He knows the correct natural protocols and truly effective solutions that can help you fully restore your health. 

Tobias believes that it is your right as a human being to be in control of your journey back to health and not have to depend on any third party for the solution to your health issue.

Let’s hear how he can assist & guide us in restoring & enhancing our health naturally. 

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