Akashic Records And Your Journey Of Ascension || How To Get Started With Akashic Records

πŸŽ™οΈ Akashic Records And Your Journey Of Ascension || How To Get Started With Akashic Records 

⌚ Timestamps:

0:00 - Intro

0:51 - A Description of The Akashic Records.

3:37 - How To Get Started With Akashic Records If You're Completely New?

10:24 - What Does A Session With Taryn Van Der Merwe Look Like?

14:06 - What Are Some Examples of Extraordinary Healings?

20:37 - Q&A - Would Taryn Van Der Merwe Be Able To Explore My Connection?

23:40 - What Makes Akashic Records Different From Past-life Regression?

25:31 - The Origin of The Name Akashic Records.

25:57 - What Motivates Taryn Van Der Merwe To Do What She Does?

28:39 - Can Taryn Van Der Merwe Do A Session On Herself As Well?

32:20 - A Description Of Taryn Van Der Merwe's Teaching Style.

33:31 - What Can You Do To Discover Your Inner Gifts?

39:04 - What Taryn van der Merwe does before she checks Akashic Records

41:34 - What Issues Can Akashic Records Address?

43:34 - Definition of Ascension.

44:47 - How Could People Work With Taryn Van Der Merwe?

46:11 - Our Guest's Final Words.

47:11 - What Does Taryn Van Der Merwe Think About β€œWhat Happens in the World now?

53:25 - Three Things that Dispel Illusions. 

Our guest Taryn is a gifted & highly sought after Akashic Record Teacher, channel and divine feminine way shower, using her own intuitive medicine of Heartsense Healingβ„’.

She is my sister in the Mystery School with The Sophia Code and that’s how we connected:) We both facilitate the Sophia Circle Journeys.

Taryn is a CEO and founder of Wildflower Healing - a part of The Golden Wildflower Group, she specializes in working with other leaders who are already deep into their spiritual journey to guide them through their ascension process. 

As a result, her clients gain clarity and confidence knowing they can magnetize getting the job/promotion or achieving the next income level in their business and achieving the all-important home-work-self balance.

When Taryn is not leading one of her life-changing courses and helping her clients have soulful breakthroughs, you can find her spending quality time with her family, which often involves mountains and or the ocean. In the heart of the home, and as a qualified chef, Taryn is often found cooking up delicious treats for family and friends.

Let’s look into Akashic Records and see how Taryn can guide us on our journey of ascension. 

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