Releasing Low-Frequencies In Self For Complete Abundance Alignment

πŸŽ™οΈ Releasing Low-Frequencies In Self For Complete Abundance Alignment 

⌚ Timestamps: 

0:00 - Intro

2:34 - The difference between transformation and conscious transformation

4:34 - The importance of taking full responsibility for your life

5:32 - How to Release Low-Frequencies

10:04 - How the choices we make in life, determine our destiny

12:18 - How people can align with their true essence

19:55 - How refusing uncomfortable things makes them worse

21:28 - How to release low frequencies through journaling

26:00 - Why do you need to follow your intuition

28:13 - The true mission of wayshowers, embodying joy in high frequency

30:57 - The importance of setting healthy boundaries

34:10 - How to release low frequencies by forgiving

35:41 - Why we shouldn't underestimate the power of our voice

37:34 - How Stretching and Yoga can heal chakras

40:35 - Importance of listening to our intuition

42:38 - The benefits of yoga for raising consciousness

45:16 - Releasing low-frequency by connecting to Mother Earth

47:15 - Find out how to get in touch with Karlee Welder  

πŸŽ™οΈThe Lovetarian Way PODCAST - Episode 27 - with Karlee Welder - Transformation Coach, Author 

Our guest is the founder of Koach Karlee ~ teaching conscious transformations. She lives in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada where she spends her time camping and crafting. 

She is aware that every person has the power within them to co-create infinite possibilities, as we are all limitless beings that have gifts to be of service to each other by embodying conscious awareness.

Karlee has studied and consistently implemented self-healing practices such as yoga, meditation, breath/chakra work, reprogramming the subconscious brain, holistic nutrition, and the mind, body, spirit connection for over 9 years. 

She provides life-altering transformations by teaching her clients how to achieve a healthy, intuitive, sustainable lifestyle without sacrifices, thriving in abundant health, joy & financial freedom. T

his is her purpose, to empower people to become conscious and in turn, heal Mother Earth. Let’s find out how she can help us live our best life! 

βœ… Get in touch with Karlee via:

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