Divine Energies to Liberate from fear & claim your Sovereignty || Four Gateways to Claim Sovereignty

πŸŽ™οΈ Divine Energies to Liberate from fear & claim your Sovereignty || Four Gateways to Claim Sovereignty 

⌚ Timestamps:

0:00 - Intro

0:40 - Rebecca Saxon's journey to Sovereignty

5:50 - Wounded Masculine Energy

10:27 - How to heal ourselves

12:02 - Rebecca Saxon's Four Gateways to Claim Sovereignty - 1. Presence.

13:09 - 2. Unconditional Love for ourselves.

14:05 - What Rebecca Saxon Suggests to Ease People's Fears about Loving Themselves?

32:55 - 3. Deep Wisdom.

38:52 - 4. The Embodiment of the Divine Feminine, Self Mastery.

42:05 - Some Steps to Deal with The Fear of Divine Feminine Energy.

54:41 - Details About Rebecca Saxon`s Session and How to Contact her.

πŸŽ™ The Lovetarian Way PODCAST - Episode 34 with our guest - Rebecca Saxon - Transpersonal Psychologist, BSN, RN Rebecca supports women in developing a healed & whole relationship within themselves by growing self-trust, confidence & authentic inner authority.

This work allows them to feel secure and joyfully present in their bodies, relationships and lives. Her clients come home to who they really are so they can move forward in their lives in exciting, genuine and empowered ways. In the past, Rebecca taught and consulted at Miraval Spa & Resort in Tucson, AZ, as their Integrative Wellness Expert.

She shared her own self-healing journey as a Holistic RN, with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as her spiritual awakening process in the face of childhood trauma, and recurring anxiety and depression.

Her work today focuses on moving her clients through fears and unprocessed sadness, grief or anger to become fully aligned in their own powerful hearts in order to celebrate life and make an impact in the world. In addition to her 1:1 Sovereignty Coaching packages, as an astrologer, she offers a single Soul Blueprint Coaching Session for revealing your higher purpose in this life, the blocks that need to be healed, how to do it and ways to embrace your unique gifts.

She will tell us how we can source from Divine Energies to liberate ourselves from fear & thrive as Sovereign Beings. Rebecca will have a special offer for all those who watch the podcast! 

You can sign up by emailing: rebecca@rebeccasaxon.com The investment for this life-changing discovery, with spiritual tools to move forward in your life, is normally $222 but will be offered at $177, a $45 savings. The only requirement is that you email Rebecca directly, stating you watched this podcast. You will then receive the calendar link to sign yourself up. 

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