NOW talking to animals is possible – How are you going to use it? || Communicate With Animals 🐢

πŸŽ™οΈ NOW talking to animals is possible - How are you going to use it? || Communicate With Animals 🐢

⌚ Timestamps:

0:00 - Intro

0:59 - Quantum Intention & Praying peace in Ukraine || Focus daily on praying peace

7:59 - How Maja Brexel's Quantum journey began

13:09 - How could Maja Brexel help you to communicate with animals

16:12 - What you can expect from Maja Brexel || Her method

19:12 - Does Maja Brexel communicate with animals using quantum energy?

22:14 - An Example of Maja Brexel's session

26:18 - Q&A - Is Maja Brexel able to talk to a beloved cat who has passed recently?

30:10 - Do animals have multiple lifetimes?

33:46 - Is an animal conscious of being alive?

34:57 - How do animals feel about us eating them?

38:30 - Do animals teach us anything?

45:46 - Do animals always communicate with us in some way?

47:42 - Advice on best ways to treat your animals

50:49 - Another Example of Maja Brexel's session with a cat

53:25 - Does an animal go missing on purpose?

55:17 - How do animals feel about loud noises?

56:25 - How to work with Maja Brexel? Enjoyed this episode? Like it and subscribe to the channel for more

πŸŽ™ The Lovetarian Way PODCAST - Episode 38 with our guest - Maja Brexel - Quantum Hypnotist, Psychotherapist & Occupational Therapist

Our guest is the creator of Quantum Animal Hypnosis, bringing this outstanding practice into existence to help animals and pets. 

They are our best friends, our family members, sports/work companions and life savers.

Quantum Animal Hypnosis gives animals a voice, realizing a verbal conversation with them. Now, the animals can speak for themselves.

Tell their stories, answer all questions. Maja can heal the animals from their emotional turmoil and traumas, ending unwanted and even self destructing behaviors.

Through her Quantum Animal Hypnosis she converted the improbable into an existing reality.

Because of her method and the resulting ability, the people named Maja - The Real Dr. Dolittle. She is also a Founder of MBIFA - the MBrex International Foundation for Animals. It helps Animal Rescues all over the world with their most traumatized animals.

Giving the forgotten and the untouchable animals a new life and a chance to find a forever home, to live a free, worthy life. Maja has also more than 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy. She is the owner of the MBrex International Institute of Quantum Hypnosis and Life and Business Enhancing Methods.

The Institute offers meditation courses, Hypnotic-Cleansing sessions and many other personality developing techniques. She is a public speaker, using all her tools and wisdom to help people grow in all areas of their life.

She practiced in Germany, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and in Spain. 

Today, she will help us communicate with our animals!Let’s find out how to do that:)

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