The Lovetarian Way E.10 – PODCAST with Tania Plahay Yoga Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer

Discover the Power of Sound Healing, Yoga & Meditation Our guest this Friday - Tania Plahay is the founder of Yoga for Dementia.

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This beautiful idea first came to Tania when she was teaching yoga in her local nursing home in London. She noticed that those living with dementia really benefited from simple tailored yoga, meditation and singing practices.

Yoga had been a part of Tania’s life since late teens. It helped her through many of life’s ups and downs, including the death of her father during her last year at university.

This taught her the value of living in the moment, and following your dreams. Tania’s wish is that the lives of people with dementia, and those around them, can be improved through the simple grounding practices of yoga, mindfulness, sound healing and meditation. 

Prior to becoming a full time yoga teacher and author Tania worked in the UK civil service on environmental issues. She has a science degree from UCL, and an MA in environmental studies from King's College London. This background has given her a research-led and pragmatic approach to yoga.

Tania is also passionate about the natural world and our connection to it, which comes through in her teaching.

As well as leading the Yoga for Dementia work Tania teaches Yoga and Meditation in Altea, Spain where she lives with her partner James, son Oberon and two Spanish rescue dogs Yin and Yang. As well as teaching in Altea, Tania runs innovative yoga workshops, training and retreats in Spain and the UK. 


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