The Lovetarian Way PODCAST – Episode 9 with Merlin Pickston – Dr of Metaphysics, Author

πŸŽ™οΈ The Lovetarian Way PODCAST - Episode 9 with Merlin Pickston - Doctor of Metaphysics, Mentor, Author 

⌚ Timestamps:

0:00 - Intro

1:05 - More about Merlin Pickston's newly published book "Awaken and Journey to Your True Self"

6:50 - Why Merlin Pickston chose the Phoenix for the cover of his book

11:05 - Merlin Pickston's seven pillars for personal change

21:53 - How Merlin Pickston's awakening journey began & his experiences so far

30:03 - Q&A- How to connect with your inner child?

33:07 - It is important to love yourself and let your inner child heal?

36:35 - Dr. Merlin Pickston explains what "Doctor of Metaphysics" means

39:19 - How Merlin Pickston works with clients?

42:22 - How Merlin Pickston defines fear?

48:19 - Merlin Pickston's views on discernment and judgment

56:19 - Q&A - How could I be at peace dealing with a child throwing tantrums?

1:02:33 -What happens if we disconnect from the Source within?

1:09:14 - The limited belief system around money explained by Merlin Pickston

1:12:29 - The influence of money and karma on financial abundance discussed by Merlin Pickston

1:17:37 - Q&A- Can we create our own realities, are we capable of doing so?

1:23:54 - How can people get the book "Awaken and Journey to Your True Self"?

1:26:51 - A short meditation led by Merlin Pickston

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